Join us for Rowvember!

What: Row an entire marathon (42,195 meters) in the month of November!

You (OYL Members)

Where: CrossFit OYL

Anytime 15 minutes before or after our group class times (limited availability on days that we are using rowers in class*)

During Open Gym on Saturdays

Meters Rowed during class workouts count
*Check SugarWOD announcements each day for Rower availability.

Why: Why not?! Also, to improve your rowing skills.

How: You get to choose your strategy for Rowvember - break the meters up however you would like and get to rowing!

Cost: $20
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Everyone who completes the entire marathon row in the month of November will receive a limited edition Rowvember t-shirt!

Tracking Your Progress

We will track our progress on the whiteboard in the member area.

Pre-Rovember & Post-Rovember Testing

We love seeing progress, so we are going to test some common rowing distances before and after we have completed our marathon row. Come to class on Friday, October 29th and Friday, December 3rd to set a baseline and see your progress!
What is it?
We are putting on our very own In-House Partner Competition!
Grab your gym bestie and sign up as a pair:

Male/Female, or

We have Rx and Scaled Divisions - Use the following Movements & Standards to decide which category best fits you and your partner.
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MOvements & Standards


Deadlift (155/95)
Power Clean (115/65)
Thruster (95/65)
DB Hang Power Snatch (50/35)
Toes to Bar
Burpees + Jump Over Bar
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Deadlift (135/95)
Power Cleans (95/35)
Thruster (65/35)
DB Hang Snatch (35/20)
Hanging Knee Raises
Burpees + Step Over Bar
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